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Taylor Fellowship Award


Each year since 1995, the Blaine and Lois Taylor Fellowship Award has chosen ministers with distinguished service in Christian Ministry with this prestigious honor.  CLICK HERE for the 2014 Application and Guidelines form.

2013 - Nora and Jonathan Almond

           -The Rev. Richard Evan

           -The Rev. Richard Pagano

           -The Rev. Vicki L. Woods

2012 - The Reverend James Todd

2012 - The Reverend Richard Hibbert

2011 - The Reverend Daniel Weaver

2010 - The Reverend T. Landon Lindsay

2009 - The Reverend Frank Gulinello, Jr.

2008  - The Reverend Richard E. Harding

            - The Reverend Jeannette M. Burton

             - The Reverend Dr. John E. N. Knight

2007 - The Reverend John A. Dusenberry

          - The Reverend Young Bok Rha

          - The Reverend Russell Peppe

2006 - The Reverend Dr. Wayne Kendall

            - The Reverend Dr. Kent D. Moorehead

2005 - The Reverend Dean E. Benedict

          - The Reverend Wesley W. Stinson

2004 - The Reverend Howard E. Benson

         - The Reverend Norman C. Young

2003 - The Reverend Lawrence M. Hill

2002 - The Reverend Dr. Irvin E. Koelker

          - The Reverend Phillip M. Polhemus

2001 - The Reverend Frank A. Danforth

          - The Reverend Seaton Woodley, Jr.

2000 - The Reverend William A. Campbell

          - The Reverend David A. Hollenbeck

1999 - The Reverend Dr. Kwan Y. Lee

          - The Reverend Harry Soper

1998 - The Reverend John L. Camp

          - The Reverend Milton L. Smith, Sr.

1996 - The Reverend George E. Bullens

          - The Reverend Alan H. Moore

1995 - The Reverend Edgar J. Helms




Lifetime of Discipleship Award


 CLICK HERE for the 2014 Application form 

2013 Lifetime of Discipleship Award -             Earl Hutt and Helen Neff

2012 Lifetime of Discipleship Award -             Carol Smith and Oscar Harrell

2011  Lifetime of Discipleship Award -            Mary Pittman Wyatt and Beverly Abbott

2010  Lifetime of Discipleship Award -           M. Philip Susag and Harry Johnson

2009  Lifetime of Discipleship Award -           Willard and Joyce Robinson

Golden Cane Award


The New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church presented its Golden Cane Award to The Reverend Donald Brushett on April 21, 2013 at Houlton United Methodist Church in Houlton Maine. Rev. Brushett is the pastor among us with the greatest number of years of service in Christian Ministry. We convey this honor with gratitude and appreciation for his ministry as pastor, theological educator and friend to generations of your colleagues.

Pictured below are Mrs. Ethel Brushett, Rev. Don Brushett and Rev. Catherine Anderson (PAS)



This Award is given by the New England Conference Commission on Archives and History and the Preachers' Aid Society of New England.





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