Golden Cane Award

The Golden Cane Award was presented to the Rev. John E. Post on Sunday, January 17, 2016 in a ceremony at Covenant Village in Cromwell, Connecticut. Throughout his years of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, Rev. Post and his wife of 66 years, the late Gloria R. Post, faithfully ministered in churches in the former New England South and Southern New England Conferences and he also served as District Superintendent in the Connecticut Eastern District. The Golden Cane Award is given jointly by the New England Conference Commission on Archives and History and the Preachers' Aid Society of New England. This award is presented to the ordained elder in the New England Conference who has the greatest number of years of service in Christian Ministry.

Rev. John E. Post and Colleen Williams (PAS)

Rev. John E. Post and Colleen Williams (PAS)

Lifetime of Discipleship Award

Wesley Palmer, Clarice Gothberg and George Button

Wesley Palmer, Clarice Gothberg and George Button

The Lifetime of Discipleship Award is given each year at the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. This award is offered in recognition of the many years of dedicated service by a lay United Methodist to the ministries, missions and prophetic callings of United Methodists in New England. Honorees are committed servants of Christ within the New England Annual Conference and have made significant contributions of time and talent to Conference related activities.

Recipients of this award are asked to designate a program/mission within the connectional structure of the New England Annual Conference (including General Church and Conference Advance Specials) to receive a donation of $500.00 in honor of this award. In addition, appropriate recognitions are made at the annual session of the Conference and/or at the recipient's local congregation.

Lifetime of Discipleship Recipients Include:











Marcia Hoyt and Linda Reiber

Clarice Gothberg and George Button

Anna H. McCloskey and David Swett

Jane Ives and Gwen White

Marie & Charles Frasier and Nancy Hajek

Earl Hutt and Helen Neff

Carol Smith and Oscar Harrell

Mary Pittman Wyatt and Beverly Abbott

M. Philip Susag and Harry Johnson

Willard and Joyce Robinson

Taylor Fellowship

2015 Taylor Fellowship Honorees

2015 Taylor Fellowship Honorees

Each year, since 1995, the Preachers' Aid Society of New England has granted the prestigious Blaine and Lois Taylor Fellowship Award to honor retired clergy and surviving spouses having significant years of distinguished pastoral service, within and among local churches of the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church or one of its predecessors.  Awards are made on the basis of:

  • Tenure in ministry

  • Effective service in ministry

  • Relative need

Award recipients are chosen by an independently appointed committee, which reviews the applications received and makes its recommendations to the Society. Fellows are awarded at the Clergy Luncheon each year during Annual Conference and honorees receive a gift of $7,500 to use toward the purpose stated in their application.

Guidelines & Application →


Honored Taylor Fellows Include:

2019                                                                     The Reverend Ann Partner Nelson

                                                                                  The Reverend Dr. Paul Samuelson

                                                                                  The Reverend Henry “Bing” Scherer

2018                                                                          The Reverend Carol Borland

                                                                                  The Reverend Samuel Johnson

                                                                                  The Reverend Carroll Moore


2017                                                                          The Reverend Dr. Ronald Messer

                                                                                  The Reverend Stephen Melius

                                                                                  The Reverend Deborah Shipp


2016                                                                          The Reverend Scott Campbell

                                                                                  The Reverend John Neff

                                                                                   The Reverend Sharon Miesel


2015                                                                          The Reverend Charles Fowlie

                                                                                  The Reverend Leonora Sue Job

                                                                                   The Reverend Robert Moore

                                                                                   The Reverend Gwen Purushotham


         The Reverend Walter Brown

          The Reverend Ed Claus

          The Reverend Huntley Halvorson


The Reverend Jonathan and Mrs. Nora Almond

The Reverend Richard Evan

The Reverend Richard Pagano

The Reverend Vicki L. Woods


The Reverend James Todd

The Reverend Richard Hibbert


The Reverend Daniel Weaver


The Reverend T. Landon Lindsay


The Reverend Frank Gulinello, Jr.


The Reverend Richard E. Harding

The Reverend Jeannette M. Burton

The Reverend Dr. John E. N. Knight


The Reverend John A. Dusenberry

The Reverend Young Bok Rha

The Reverend Russell Peppe


The Reverend Dr. Wayne Kendall

The Reverend Dr. Kent D. Moorehead


The Reverend Dean E. Benedict

The Reverend Wesley W. Stinson


The Reverend Howard E. Benson

The Reverend Norman C. Young


The Reverend Lawrence M. Hill


The Reverend Dr. Irvin E. Koelker

The Reverend Phillip M. Polhemus


The Reverend Frank A. Danforth

The Reverend Seaton Woodley, Jr.


The Reverend William A. Campbell

The Reverend David A. Hollenbeck


The Reverend Dr. Kwan Y. Lee

The Reverend Harry Soper


The Reverend John L. Camp

The Reverend Milton L. Smith, Sr.


The Reverend George E. Bullens

The Reverend Alan H. Moore


The Reverend Edgar J. Helms