Our Mission

Since 1832, we have been caring for United Methodist clergy and their families in New England.

We endeavor to remain faithful to our core commitment to improve the quality of life among our United Methodist clergy, especially those who have retired from ministry and their surviving spouses. Through our strong financial support for retiree health care, training in personal financial management, spiritual life retreats and direct services to clergy families in need, we utilize the endowment of our Society to help generations of families enjoy a rich and full life in Christian ministry.

Our Programs and Services

The Preachers’ Aid Society exists, in the words of our Articles of Incorporation, ”to assist in the support of aged, ill or needy ministers who serve or who have served under appointment in the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (including its predecessor conferences), their families, surviving spouses, and dependent children, and in furtherance of such purpose, to receive, hold, administer and distribute funds, in its own name or as a trustee, and to issue annuities."

To achieve this service, the Society maintains a vigorous program of service to our clergy families. From its inception, PAS has demonstrated a major commitment to retirees and their welfare. This continues to be the major focus of our ministry and mission today. Our programs and services include:

  • Retired Family Visitations
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Retiree Housing
  • Retiree Green Loan Program
  • Retiree Health Care
  • Retiree Methodent Program
  • Educational Program Support
  • Tending the Fire
  • Higher Education Loan Program
  • Occasional Clergy Gatherings
  • Taylor Fellowship Award
  • Lifetime of Discipleship Award