Liturgies for Retired Clergy Appreciation

Retired Clergy Sunday - Every local church in the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church is invited to celebrate Retired Clergy Sunday on a Sunday of their choosing.  It is an opportunity to celebrate the pastors who have served and nurtured our communities.  Consider joining your brother and sister churches in New England by honoring our retired clergy with a special collection and gift to the Preachers' Aid Society of New England.  Resources for Retired Clergy Appreciation Liturgies

Guest Preacher / Speaker

Please contact our office at (207) 467-3246 to invite The Reverend Dr. Wesley E. Palmer to visit your church. Dr. Palmer is prepared to:

  • Preach a message about the Mission and Ministry of the Preachers’ Aid Society in your local congregations at no cost to the congregation.
  • Speak to gatherings of persons in local congregations and at the District level about the work of our Society.

  • Bring materials for use in congregations that will interpret the work of the Society and assist in Planned Giving to the congregation and beyond. 

Educational Opportunities for Laity & Clergy

Occasional Trips - On occasion, PAS will organize a special trip for clergy and laity to explore the roots of our faith or to encourage spiritual development. There are no upcoming trips planned, but stay posted. Past PAS adventures include:

  1. Educational Opportunities Tour of Israel & Palestine (2010)
  2. A Very Wesley Tour of England with Rev. Don Rudalevige (2012)
  3. A Pilgrimage to New Orleans, Louisiana with Rev. & Mrs. John Winn and Cathy MacGovern (2013)