Local Church Partnership Opportunities

Better Together - a tool kit for United Methodist Churches seeking meaningful opportunities to build the Connection and support special mission funding efforts. This resource is designed to offer prayer and mission support options for participants that will deepen their individual and collective organizational connection with one another. Those who choose to participate will have opportunities to draw churches, organizations, and extension ministries closer together—each learning a little more about the other’s important ministry and call.

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Because They Serve - an opportunity to gain professional assistance for your church's upcoming capital campaign and support missions at the same time. To explore a partnership with PAS, we first invite you and your congregation to consider the needs of your church.  If in doing so you realize that a capital campaign may be on your horizon, please keep us in mind as a potential partner.  We would really love to help! We have had a great time working with our local church partners and we look forward to having a similar experience with you.  Please contact us to discuss opportunities for collaboration or to ask any questions you may have about the process. 

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Because They Serve Memorials & Celebrations Made by Donors & Partners

Retired Clergy Sunday - The last Sunday in October in the New Engalnd Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church is Retired Clergy Sunday.  It is an opportunity to celebrate the pastors who have served and nurtured our communities.  Consider joining your brother and sister churches in New England by honoring your retired clergy with a special collection and gift to the Preachers' Aid Society of New England. We will acknowledge your congregation's gift in our biannual retiree newsletter. 

Guest Preacher / Speaker

Please contact our office at (207) 467-3246 to invite The Reverend Dr. Wesley E. Palmer to visit your church. Dr. Palmer is prepared to:

  1. Preach a message about the Mission and Ministry of the Preachers’ Aid Society in your local congregations at no cost to the congregation.
  2. Speak to gatherings of persons in local congregations and at the District level about the work of our Society.
  3. Bring materials for use in congregations that will interpret the work of the Society and assist in Planned Giving to the congregation and beyond. 

Educational Opportunities for Laity & Clergy

Occasional Trips - On occasion, PAS will organize a special trip for clergy and laity to explore the roots of our faith or to encourage spiritual development. There are no upcoming trips planned, but stay posted. Past PAS adventures include:

  1. Educational Opportunities Tour of Israel & Palestine (2010)
  2. A Very Wesley Tour of England with Rev. Don Rudalevige (2012)
  3. A Pilgrimage to New Orleans, Louisiana with Rev. & Mrs. John Winn and Cathy MacGovern (2013)