The Complete Toolkit

Better Together is intended to help congregations take part in a special prayer and mission campaign. This is a toolkit for United Methodist Churches seeking meaningful opportunities to build the Connection while  strengthening participants' individual and collective prayer life.

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Editable/Printable Appendices 

A.     What can you sponsor for PAS’s Because They Serve housing initiative?

Appendix A (PDF)

B.     Capital Campaign Partnerships Options with PAS

Appendix B (PDF)

C.     Breath Prayer

Appendix C (PDF)

D.     Prayer Resources Suggested by Cathy MacGovern

Appendix D (PDF)

E.     Sample Invitation for a Prayer & Mission Campaign

Appendix E (Word Document)

Appendix E (Publisher)

F.     Sample Bulletin Language and Insert

Appendix F (PDF)

Appendix F (Word Document)

G.     Sample Letter

Appendix G (Word Document)

H.     Sample Call Script

Appendix H (Word Document)

I.     Sample Chart of Gifts

Appendix I (Excel Document)

J.     Sample Pledge Card

Appendix J (Word Document)

Appendix J (Publisher) →

K.     Effective Fundraising Tips

Appendix K (PDF)