1/8  Mrs. Hazel Knight Predeceased by the Rev. John Knight

1/11 Mrs. Mary Kelly  Predeceased by Rev. Roland Kelly


1/11  The Rev. Eric Swanfeldt  Spouse of Mrs. Jean Swanfeldt

1/22  Mrs. Florence Grout  Wife of Rev. Prescott Grout

1/22  The Rev. Dorothy Matson  Widow of Charles Matson

1/23  The Rev. Harold Perkins

2/2  The Rev. Wayne S. Moody  Preceded in death by his wife Louise Moody

2/7  The Rev. Norman C. Young  Husband of Martha C. Young

2/11  The Rev. Thomas H. Lindeman  Husband of Joan Lindeman

2/20  The Rev. James A. Cann

2/20  The Rev. Richard E. Wiborg  Husband of Margaret Wiborg

3/1  The Rev. Richard D. Nesmith  Husband of Patricia Nesmith

3/7  The Rev. John E. Knight  Husband of Hazel Knight

3/26  The Rev. Orin Watson  Predeceased by wives Jane and Ester C.

3/27  Mrs. Gwen White  Wife of Bishop Dale White

4/10  The Rev. Miriam Chamberlain

4/12  The Rev. William E. Scherwerts  Husband of Helen Scherwerts

4/27  Mr. Warren Beach  Preceded in death by his wife Rev. Tresita Beach

4/27  The Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Ampiaw

5/29  The Rev. Dr. Dean E. Benedict Husband of Vivian Fanton-Benedict

5/30  Mr. Richard MainSpouse of Pastor Jean Main

6/14  The Rev. David Kermit Norris  Spouse of Deborah Norris

8/11  Mrs. Barbara Bucke  Predeceased by the Rev. Emory S. Bucke

8/12  The Rev. Emerson W. SmithPreceded in death by his wife Janet Smith

7/3  The Rev. Dr. Seth O. Asare  Spouse of Rev. Dorothy Asare

8/23  Mr. Jed Shepardson  Predeceased by Pastor Juni Shepardson

9/20  The Rev. Stanley Fry  Husband of Edith Schisler

10/13  The Rev. Donella Siktberg

11/2  The Rev. James Nason  Husband of Barbara Nason

11/21  Mrs. Catherine Parker Predeceased by the Rev. John O. Parker

11/27  Mrs. Eileen Beatty  Predeceased by the Rev. Kenneth Beatty

12/3  The Rev. Robert Hullstrung  Husband of Flora Hullstrung

12/6  Mrs. Virginia Jones  Predeceased by the Rev. Robert K. Jones

12/20 Mrs. Monica Lyon  Predeceased by the Rev. Wilson Lyon




1/3  Mr. Eric Szulc  Spouse: The Rev. Carol Szulc

1/4  Mrs. Nancy Hill  Spouse: The Rev. David Hill

1/13  The Rev. Dr. C. V. Thomas Retired Clergy

1/16  Pastor Elizabeth Bilodeau  Retired Clergy

1/30  The Rev. Irving S. Jones  Retired Clergy

2/6  The Rev. Stephen D. Martin  Clergy on Incapacity Leave

2/14  The Rev. David Thompson  Retired Clergy

2/22  Mrs. Annalee Collins  Surviving spouse of  The Rev. Harvey Collins

2/24  The Rev. William Olmsted  Brother of  The Rev. Richard Olmsted

2/25  The Rev. Fernando Malave*** Spouse: Mrs.  Dorcas Ledesma

3/4  Pastor Tresita Beach  Spouse: Mr. Warren Beach

3/12  The Rev. Charles MacLagan  Retired Clergy

3/21  The Rev. Dr. Ross E. Lilly Retired Clergy

3/29  Mrs. Mary L. Day Surviving Spouse of Roger U. Day**

4/11  Mrs. Nancy Hudson

4/19  Mrs. Annie Smith  Surviving spouse of  The Rev. Harvey Smith

4/25  Mrs. Irene Hollister  Pastor Ashley Meade**

5/4  Pastor Ron Jackson Spouse: Mrs. Shirley Jackson

5/24Pastor Leon RobinsonSpouse: Mrs. Bonnie Robinson

7/26  Mr. Lewis (Mike) Swallow Spouse of The Rev. Mary Miller

7/27  Mrs. Margaret McComas Surviving spouse of  The Rev. Robert McComas

7/29  Mr. Richard Gutowski  Spouse of Pastor Karen Gutowski

7/29  Mr. Vern Buck  Spouse of Pastor Susan Ellery

8/5  The Rev. James Johnson  Spouse of Mrs. Shirley Johnson

8/8  Mrs. Marilyn “Lynn” Underhill  Spouse of The Rev. Wayne Underhill

8/11  Mrs. Barbara Vonderheide  Spouse of The Rev. Ed Vonderheide

8/23  Jennyvee Martin  Widow of Rev. Morrill Martin

9/1  The Rev. Sidney Lambert  Spouse of Mrs. Bonita Lambert

9/2  Francis Raboin Spouse of Anita Coburn Raboin,                                             the surviving spouse of Rev. Donald Coburn

9/3  Mr. James Brewster  Spouse of Pastor Linda Brewster

9/6  Mrs. Mildred (Jay) Miller  Widow of Rev. Willis Miller

9/9  Constance Davis  Widow of Rev. Richard A. Davis

9/12  The Rev. Dr. Paul Gagne  Preceded in death by his wife Ruth Gagne

9/30  The Rev. Elizabeth Vernon

10/7 The Rev. Donald Williams  Preceded in death by his wife Adelaide Williams

10/16  The Rev. Edward Mark  Preceded in death by his wife Joan Mark

10/23  The Rev. Dr. Carol Ann Parsons

10/31  Mr. John Rae  Son of Rev. Keith & Mrs. Veronica Rae

11/5  Mrs. Barbara Dusenberry  Spouse of Rev. John Dusenberry

11/9  Mr. Reginald E. Dwyer  Husband of Rev. Barbara Dwyer

11/17  The Rev. Randall Scheri Husband of Rev. Krisann Byrne-Scheri

11/30  Mrs. Patricia Munro  Surviving spouse of Rev. Max Munro

12/3  The Rev. Richard L. Beard  Husband of Mrs. Carole Beard

12/17  Mrs. Jeanne Daniels  Surviving spouse of Rev. James W. Daniels

12/30  Mrs. Doris Campbell Surviving spouse of Rev. William Campbell             and mother of Rev. Scott Campbell