Educational Support

Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)  - Preachers' Aid has been assisting New England Conference Clergy through HELP since 2003.  In that time clergy have repaid over $500,000 which has been returned to this revolving loan program to be used by new participants.  Participants tell us they were able to pay off loans sooner or decrease their payments so that additional funds could go into savings for their children's education or for their pension fund.  To see if you are eligible for this program, please check out the guidelines below link:

HELP Guidelines    HELP Application

Parent Education Loan Program - This program is not a scholarship program.  Higher Education loans taken on by clergy parents of the New England Conference are rewritten.  The maximum aggregate per clergy family cannot exceed $30,000.  A clergy parent is a United Methodist ordained clergy or full-time local pastor connected with the New England Conference or the surviving spouse or ex-spouse of such clergyperson.  The “child” is the natural born or adopted child of the ordained clergy or full-time local pastor. To see if you are eligible for this program, please check the guidelines below:

PELP Guidelines   PELP Application


The Preachers' Aid Society along with the Board of Ordained Ministry of the New England Conference has sponsored Tending the Fire (TTF) since 2006. TTF helps clergy to understand and apply the concepts of Bowen family systems theory to their congregations and to their personal lives.  Over and over we hear back from participants that what they learn about family systems is helpful not only in their church, but in every aspect of their lives.

Tending the Fire requires a commitment of time; it includes three three-day retreats. Participants learn to “think systems” in their personal lives and in their churches.  The process includes lecture, small groups, reading, individual work and discussion time.  Gathering for worship, communion, and fellowship at meals are also important experiences within the TTF process.

If you have decided this is the year for you to attend and need financial assistance, all clergy in appointment in the New England Conference are eligible for MEF short-term grants through the Board of Ordained Ministry.  You can find the guidelines and application on the Conference website under Leadership & Learning> Board of Ordained Ministry>Additional forms.  You can find more information at the link to Tending the Fire’s website below.  For more information, visit the website of The Rev. Barbara Lemmel, founder and facilitator of TTF.

Tending the Fire Website

Resource & Referral

We also encourage or active pastors to take advantage of programs and services provided by the United Methodist Foundation of New England (UMFNE). We especially recommend the Financial and Life Planning Workshops including: 

  • Starting Up Well

  • Clergy Taxes and Compensation

  • Living Well: Financial Planning Basics

  • Retirement Planning

These workshops help our pastoral families better prepare for the future and avoid some of the financial pitfalls that often catch our clergy off guard.

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