Why Because They Serve?

To meet the current and anticipated needs of our active and retired clergy in the New England Annual Conference, the Preachers’ Aid Society launched a capital campaign partnership program entitled Because They Serve.  For PAS, this is a $3 million effort that is working to:  

  • Strengthen local churches by helping congregations achieve their financial goals for capital and mission needs through campaign partnerships.
  • Support the Society's Housing Initiative by helping pay down the mortgage of Wesley by the Sea, allowing our Board of Directors more flexibility to subsidize the rental fees for those of our current and potential residents most in need of financial assistance.
  • Ensure the continued vitality of PAS programming as we grow and respond to the demonstrated needs of our pastors.
  • Build awareness throughout the conference, especially among laity, about PAS and the needs of our clergy families.
  • Provide much needed retirement funds for clergy serving in parts of Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Philippines as PAS tithes campaign gifts to the Central Conference Pension Initiative.

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What Would a Partnership with PAS Look Like?

Your church can work with PAS in the context of a light partnership or a full partnership for your upcoming campaign. Every congregation has different needs, so only you know what type of partnership would work best for you. Partnership benefits include:

In a light partnership, PAS will…

  • Bring great regional and international mission dimensions to the efforts of your congregation.
  • Offer your congregation insight into the needs of our pastors as they serve their churches and move on into retirement.
  • Provide planning services to help you design, train for, and launch your campaign.

In a full partnership, PAS will also…

  • Provide additional organizational and planning services leading up to and during the campaign.
  • Share in the overall cost, covering at least 50% of the expected campaign expenses, and provide the up-front money required to properly launch a successful campaign.
  • Provide all bookkeeping services required for the duration of your campaign.
  • Take care of all back office processes including printing, general mailings, reminders, and end of year tax letters.

Give us a call at (207) 467-3246 to set up an exploratory discussion and take a look at the links below to gain a better understanding of what a partnership with PAS could look like. Please note, the models described in the links below are starting points for discussion, not rules set in stone.

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Who Has Already Partnered With PAS?

  • Faith United Methodist Church (S. Burlington, VT)
  • Green Street United Methodist Church (Augusta, ME)
  • Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church (Cambridge, MA)
  • Londonderry United Methodist Church (Londonderry, NH)
  • New Covenant United Methodist Church (E. Hartford, CT)
  • St. Matthew's United Methodist Church (Acton, MA)
  • United Methodist Church of Auburn (Auburn, ME)
  • Will your church be next?

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