If you are planning for the future of your church and thinking about working with...the Preachers’ Aid Society of New England, I assure you that you are on the right track.

Thanks to their partnership...we are well on our way toward successful completion of our 4-year...capital campaign, putting us in a good position for growth and furthering our ministries.
— Jeff Towne, Londonderry UMC, Londonderry, NH

Your partnership with our Pastor gave her confidence to do what ultimately led us all forward spiritually as well as in our stewardship...Going over our goal by more than 10%...
— Pat Reasoner, Fatih UMC, S. Burlington, VT

We were pleased to meet our $250,000 goal ... A few people on the planning team were originally skeptical of using an “outside fundraiser,” but they were converted, once they experienced your work. ... you’re not really “outsiders,” but intimately woven into the life of this Conference and this congregation and our ministries. They’ve come to appreciate the many ways Preacher’s Aid supports our life and ministry—and that of our beloved retired pastors! ...

I’d highly recommend your services to any church considering a capital campaign.
— Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes, St. Matthew's UMC, Acton, MA

Your personal time, presence, and encouragement have contributed materially to the success of the campaign. We are also grateful to the Preachers’ Aid Society for their generous support in paying part of the cost of the professionally-directed campaign.
— G. Neil Harper, Harvard-Epworth UMC, Cambridge, MA